Specialty Assays pioneered the use of NAD(P)H and NAD(P) analogs in diagnostic tests in
the clinical chemistry industry.  We have developed formulations for single-vial stable
liquid reagents for Carbon Dioxide, Urea (BUN), Ammonia, ALT, AST, Ethanol and a
two-vial liquid potassium reagent.  We are a major producer of NAD and NADP analogs.  
  Specialty Assays offers the following Products and Services:


  • Synthetic Enzyme Cofactors  -  NAD and NADP analogs

  • Substrates  -  Phosphoenolpyruvate (Monopotassium and
    Monocyclohexylammonium Salts), Gamma-L-Glutamyl-4-Nitroanilide

  • Metal Chelators  -  Phosphonazo III


  • Custom Synthesis of Metal Chelators  -  Bis(Arylazo) Derivatives of
    Chromotropic Acid

  • Custom Diagnostic Test Kit Development